Smarter Click Tag



The tag for our clients which contains the JSON configuration required to load our technology is approximately 10KB on average.

When the data is transferred over the network, we utilise GZIP + Brotili compression which brings the size of the file down to 3.74KB.

This network request takes around ~40ms to complete. Caching is used on the file to ensure that a client will keep a local copy of the file for up to 15 minutes. This allows us to make almost real-time changes to your tag.


Our main tag javascript file which is loaded after the tag configuration is around 55KB depending on the version of the tag which is being used, once compressed this file is around 19KB when transferred over the internet.

A request for this file typically downloads in around ~25ms. These files are cached for 31 days which means a client will only ever load that file once per month.

Any images used for our overlays are served through our CDN, the same as our JavaScript which is served from over 200 cities around the world, including 17 Points of Presence in China.

This technology should mean that any internet user in the developed world should see response times under 100ms.

All of Smarter Click’s endpoints utilise high-grade SSL encryption to ensure data between client and server is encrypted. The datastores which we utilize to hold information collected by our tag and about configurations all utilize transport layer security and encryption at-rest.


All domains that Smarter Click utilizes to handle data transfer with the exception of is owned and handled entirely by Smarter Click Technology Ltd. Access to DNS records is vetted and requires high clearance before any modifications are made.


Aside from TLS & encryption at-rest, we further encrypt any information which we may deem sensitive including but not limited to email addresses and IP addresses. Access to our datastores is vetted and only used if absolutely necessary. Secure logins are only given to key staff using 3-factor authentications, and access to other systems are protected with a secure permission-based access management.