Boosting conversions with minimal downtime

Sage’s opening brief, due to their experience in the market, contained a need for transparency, accuracy in reporting, speedy account management, campaign set up speed, testing speed, technological functionality, strong lines of communication and a supplier with their best interests at heart.

Challenges included:


  • Boosting conversion rates by at least 2% globally within a year 


  • Having marketing material buried within the website causing some customers to not see information relevant to them 


  • Limitations in personalisation and tracking issues 


  • They were also migrating websites and needed campaigns to be quickly rolled out across each territory which had its specific language, branding and tone of voice

The Strategy

We delivered a like for like campaign so that there would be no down time while Sage moved transitioned activity to Smarter Click. Once we had established a true baseline, we ran a series of tests with, differing degrees of depth, designed to boost the conversion rate of each territory, while simultaneously finding out what approach worked best in each market. This was executed while avoiding discounting. It was truly a global effort that stretched across 4 of Sage’s different territories.

The tactics

We had a number of smaller challenges that we planned out to push us towards the main goal outlined above. 

Phase 1:

Establish a true baseline of results (conversion rate and engagement rate) by running campaigns that mirrored the exact set up of the previous suppliers’ campaigns as there had been disputes over reporting accuracy. As mentioned this needed to be done with minimal downtime and within 2 months of launch (a month was set aside for potential tracking issues) within a month of launch. part of the site etc.)

Phase 2:

Enforce Smarter Click’s best practices when it comes to tracking and reporting results. I.E Establish a true criteria for an engagement (what actions customers need to take to qualify as a Smarter Click driven sale). This was designed to further normalise Sage’s results and ensure that their profit margins were protected by offering up to them honest best practices developed and utilised by Smarter Click exclusively.

Phase 3:

Determine which creative styles work best in each territory by leaning on Sage’s bank of creative assets.

Phase 4:

Begin leveraging our functionality to run a series of bespoke highly segmented tests, to optimise each part of the site and each potential customer journey, while only targeting permitted areas of the site (i.e shopping part of the site etc.)

The Results


  • Zero downtime for Sage when transitioning activity over to Smarter Click


  • Cost saving of £11,000


  • 3* higher conversion rates than previous tech (59.5% vs. 23.5%)


  • 4.7* higher conversion rates in the US for specific products


  • 7% increase in global conversion rates


  • Customers interacted with have a conversion rate of over 30% higher than customers who were not targeted.


“Smarter Click’s quality of service is excellent, with proactive support and a positive attitude to collaborate and work towards shared goals, even when goalposts change constantly! Through the toolkit we can launch new campaigns and set-up A/B tests in minutes; previously it took another vendor 3 weeks to get an A/B test programmed. Speed to market is critical because ecommerce changes fast, and Smarter Click are agile and fast moving. Smarter Click is my partner of choice for exit intent because their technology is smarter and more flexible than other vendors i’ve worked with ” – James Gurd Sage Digital Consultant, Owner of Digital Juggler

“What has stood out the most though has been the Account Management and ownership taken of our Exit Intent programme and the technology/functionality they bring to the table- far superior to previous partners we’ve worked with!” – Johnny Cummins Sage’s E-commerce Project Manager

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