SMARTER CLICK CASE STUDY – A/B Testing compare airport parking services at for many airports across the UK and around the world. The client has access to over 1200 car parks spanning across +200 airports.

The Strategy

The client wanted to test an standard USP overlay campaign vs a 5% off overlay campaign to see which resonated with the user better.
The test was ran from the 1st- 7th June 2018 with the view to run the best performing campaign moving forward.
The Tile Giant marketing team wanted to trial a tiered, site wide overlay campaign promoting different voucher codes depending on the users basket value:

5% of orders over £125 – £0 – £124 in the baskett

7.5% off orders over £150 – £126- £149 in the basket

10% off orders over £200 – £151 – £199 in the basket

12.5% off orders over £300 – £201 – £299 in the basket

The aim of the test was to increase sales, revenue, and engagement via an offer that would feel personable to each respective user.

Advanced heat mapping became active after 3 seconds on Desktop. Touchscreen campaigns were triggered after 30 seconds.


The Results:




Conversion Rate



↑ +52% Sales and Revenue

We saw strong increases in Sales and Revenue at +22% and +52% respectively.

↑ +84% Engagement

Due to the targeted nature of the offer, Engagement % increased by +63% with conversions increasing by +84%.

↑ +84% AOV

AOV increased +84% which suggests customers are inclined to spend more when an additional discount code is present.

♥ 5% offer strongest

The 5% code was the strongest performing followed by the 12.5% code, 7.5% code with the 10% code driving the least.

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