Hungry House
Postcode Based Campaigns is a UK-based platform for the online ordering of takeaway food owned by Just Eat. The platform allows users to search for restaurants and browse local takeaway menus before placing an order online.

The Strategy:

The Hungry House team wanted to create a highly targeted campaign, personable to the user in an effort to increase onsite conversion rates.

Campaigns were triggered depending on whether the user met the pre-specified postcode requirements along with whether they had viewed 10 or more pages. Once triggered, the user was presented with a ‘See restaurants with 20% OFF!’ CTA which gave them the opportunity to receive 20% off in a local participating restaurant.

Campaign Details:

Advanced heat mapping became active after 5 seconds.

Campaigns were triggered providing the Post Code requirements were met.

The user had visited 10 or more pages

The Results:

+ Revenue

+ Sales


+ Engagement



We saw strong returns in Revenue and Sales at +950 and +£18k respectively. AOV was 6% higher than the overall average which suggests that users were inclined to spend more with an additional discount. Engagement rates were also +20% higher than the overall average of the account which suggests users are more inclined to engage when the offer is personable to them.

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