Helpful Holidays Tourism Campaigns

An award-winning business founded 36 years ago, Helpful Holidays is based in the heart of the West Country, Chagford within the Dartmoor National Park. Helpful Holidays know the West Country and the holiday cottages they let well and their excellent team of 35, who help arrange over 16,000 holidays a year, provide a friendly, personal service where customers come first.

The Strategy:

Helpful Holidays tasked Smarter Click with increasing conversions across their site in 2019. During this time we were provided with a £30 off voucher code along with a special, limited time 10% off Easter code. Once received, we were sent the advertisers brand guidelines and asked to create a set of intuitive overlays and display re-targeting ads.

Campaign Details:

Advanced heat mapping became active after 5 seconds.


Campaigns were triggered providing the Post Code requirements were met.


The user had visited 10 or more pages


Solutions Deployed:

Smarter Overlays :

Target customers with overlays when abandoning in the booking process. Display a £30 off booking offer.

Smarter Remail:

Engage with abandoned visitors with items in the cart ready to purchase. Email reminder of cart contents & present messaging to encourage user to return directly to booking.

Smarter Ads:

Programmatic display activity to locate new customers matching the profile of existing customers and drive more customers to site.

The Results:

Overlays Shown:

Show Rate:


Overlays Engaged:

Engagement rate:




Conversion rate:



We showed our overlays to +26.7k users which accounted for 39% of the users that met the campaigns rules. Out of this, +6,6k people engaged with the overlays with gave us a 25% engagement rate. The advertiser made +£1.1mil revenue and +1,5k sales which accounted for a significant total of their overall affiliate revenue.

We ran the £30 off campaign for the majority of time meaning it would be unfair to compare with the 10% off Easter Campaign (imagery above) which only ran between 30th March- 14th April. Despite this, the Easter Campaign accounted for 5% of the advertisers overall sales and revenue.

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