Smarter Click (SC), Carphone Warehouse (CPW), and Awin teamed up in Q4 with an objective to increase sales volumes and reduce abandonment through personalisation. Instead of building campaigns to incentivise the user, the instead focus was on providing the user with a more personalised journey, as well as creating a sense of urgency for time limited offers.

Proud Winner of:

Best Technology and Telecoms Campaign

Smarter Click, CPW & Awin: Delivering sales through personalisation

“This is abandonment tech on steroids with the detail of personalisation particularly impressive.”

Performance Marketing Awards - Judge's Comment


CPW partnered with SC with the aim to reduce site abandonment, increase conversion rate, and increase handset [HS] contract sales volume without incentivisation. In addition to this Smarter Click needed to ensure offers promoted were trading priorities for Carphone Warehouse across 3 key promotional windows:


  • Cyber weekend: Cyber Monday promotion
  • Christmas Deals
  • Tariff specific offers (O2)


This campaign, in it’s design, looked to achieve clear objectives for the advertiser, publisher & network:

Carphone Warehouse: over 50% of Smarter Click sales to be that of CPW trading priority products, and
increase overall Cyber Monday sales through the affiliate channel by 40% YoY

Smarter Click: become a top 20 publisher on the Carphone Warehouse affiliate programme, delivering a
campaign that aligned creatively with Carphone Warehouse’s brand messaging and trading priorities

Awin: diversifying the publisher mix, utilising an effective technology partner on the programme,
effective use of custom parameter set up to deliver client with real time product performance
reporting, and increase Carphone Warehouse market share within the telco sector on Awin


Campaigns driven contract sales over a 3 week perooid

sales in 24 hours - over double the average of the top 10 publishers


conversion rate achieved - over double that of the top 10 publishers


YOY affiliate sale increase, of which Smarter Click were responsible for 33%

Client feedback

‘One of the beauties of digital marketing is the ability to tailor offerings to suit the very unique needs of consumers. However, few publishers are able to successfully develop and execute campaigns that truly capitalise on this ability.

Our partnership with Smarter Click both met and far exceeded expectations as they crafted bespoke journeys for segments of our traffic based upon their previous activity on site. Not only did they help us achieve a phenomenal uplift in orders, but the personalised activity was able to help more than accomplish our trading objectives.

To achieve such non-incentivised sales volumes spoke to Smarter Click’s ability to help us provide a great online experience for our customers, and to enable us to connect them with the products and services they require.’

Wesley Kepple (Partnerships Manager, CPW)

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