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The Challenge

Increase the conversion rate of the site, while helping up the AOV, push bundle purchases, encourage user signup, and have users interact with engaging designs that keep users from bouncing.

The Solution

Develop bespoke exit intent overlay campaigns that address each KPI. Each campaign is triggered based on the individual users behaviour, displaying the most relevant and personal messaging in order to encourage the conversion.

Last Month’s Results


Conversion Rate



Engagement Rate

Increasing the AOV

Fully personalise the overlay but identifying what the user has in their basket and dynamically pull in the miniature version of the product. Allow the user to add the mini. version directly into their basket, applying the free delivery and taking their basket over the target AOV threshold.

Shop Bundles

Seasonal campaigns that encourage upsell to bundles, directing the user to the most relevant bundle product based on their previous site interactions (eg. Mothers day products). While helping upsell a key trading area for the advertiser.

Interactive / Gamified Promotions

Overlay campaign requiring interaction from the user, as well as capturing their email address for the brand, in order to unlock / win an incentive (eg. 10% Off). Highly engaging and combining multiple elements of promotional activity.

Lead Gen

Help push user signup for the brand, and following up with a personalised email to the user to save their basket.

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