Our Overlays


Whether it is a video overlay, an interactive overlay or a simple voucher display ad, we can create anything to support your online sales conversion rates. Our tech and design teams are ready to fulfill your creative requirements so whatever you require we can provide! 

Video Overlays

Dorothy Perkins:
Shopable Video

By combining a video of the products with links to the items in the video, this has proved to be a great way of engaging the customers and driving sales.

Sunglass Hut:

Video Overlay

We used a video that the client has already produced to create the background for this overlay.

Carphone Warehouse:

Video Animation

This lively animation really helps to grab the attention of the customer. 


Video Overlay with Product Links 

We teamed up with Boohoo Man to use this video to showcase their most popular products. The customer can click directly from the overlay to the products featured in the video.

Interactive Overlays


Gamified Overlay

Creating a simple game that customers can interactive has proved immensely popular for this gaming client. Our design and tech team have the experience to create any kind of incentive based overlays.

HRK Games:

Interactive Scratch Card Overlay

This offer is only revealed when a user interacts with the overlay to reveal the offer behind the “scratch card”. Another fun example of how to make these overlays more than just a platform for offers.

Benefit Cosmetics:

Interactive “Wheel of Fortune” Overlay

We added an element of chance to this overlay for cosmetics company Benefits. Users can win various offers by spinning the wheel and discovering their bonus.

Ashford Watches:

Spinning wheel overlay

Another take on the “wheel of fortune” concept. Shoppers can gain a discount based on where the wheel lands.

Trilogy Store:

Dynamic Basket 

We can display the contents of the customer’s shopping basket and remind them about their specific items. 



Dynamic Interactive

Attract the customer to spend more in order to get free delivery or even free gifts, these overlays can pick up on the basket total and display the balance needed for the user to enjoy the offer. 

Bang Good:
“Slot” Style Overlay

This overlay uses a “slot” style reveal to show the user what discoutn they can take advantage of. 


Abigail Ahern:

Sales Period Countdown 

Use urgency with an overlay to display how much time remains on a specific offer.

Dell Refurbished:

Animated Gif Overlay 

We used this glitchy animated gif to boost sales on their Alienware range.

Red Letter Days:
Animated Overlay 

We used a simple animation to make this overlay very eyecatching.

Dell Refurbished:

Fullscreen Overlay

Using more screen real estate really mean this offer gets noticed.

Nails Inc:
Upsell Overlay 

Offering similar products on exit intent can increase AOV

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