Frequently Asked Questions

How does an overlay trigger?

Our advanced heat-mapping technology means we’re able to target users just before they try to close the browser. We have delays built in to the campaigns so that if a user accidentally goes to the top of the page and comes back down, nothing will be displayed.

Will a user see multiple overlays?

Whilst we have the ability to serve multiple overlays under different targeting conditions / rules, we’re careful to maintain a smooth user experience. We ensure a user will only ever see one campaign within a specified time period (which can be dictated by you).

How is a sale awarded to Smarter Click?

When an abandoning user positively engages with the overlay (clicks the call-to-action button) the affiliate cookie is then dropped. If the user goes on to make a valid sale then it’ll be credited to us.

If a user simply just sees our overlay or closes it then no affiliate cookie is dropped and we won’t receive any commission.

If the user has come from another affiliate before Smarter Click, who is awarded the sale or would I have to pay twice?

Smarter Click have the ability to identify the traffic source a user has come from and then whitelist or blacklist specific sources if required.

In order to avoid cannibalisation within the channel, we don’t show any campaigns to users who have come to your website via an affiliate traffic source.

Can we work with other tech providers alongside Smarter Click?

This depends on the type of tech provider, if there is no conflict of interest then this should be fine.

If the other provider is a competitor of ours however then it is possible to run side-by-side although this isn’t advised as it could lead to a potential clash, whereby a user is showed multiple campaigns.


Do we have access to control our campaigns or is this all managed by Smarter Click?

We have a client dashboard which upon launching with us you can have access to. From here you can see all active campaigns along with the rules for each, turn campaigns on/off if needed, view campaign level reporting, user insights and more.


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