Red Letter Days

Red Letter Days pioneered the concept of giving
unforgettable experiences as gifts. The idea really caught
people’s imaginations and Red Letter Days today, with its
iconic red box, is very popular for gift experiences.

Smarter Click specialise in cutting-edge remarketing
services. We work with online advertisers, just like you, to
reach out to more customers and win new business using a
range of performance based remarketing and retargeting

The Challenge:

Using Smarter Insights, the team recognised that Red Letter Day’s blogger community was directing a lot of visitors to site that weren’t converting.

Bloggers and content sites are key to building our brand and although they are generally
seen as upper funnel, working on last click CPA, their conversion rate is essential to the
long term strategy of working closely with them.

The Strategy:

Smarter Click’s team designed a range of co-branded overlays to be shown to visitors
leaving the site when they had initially visited from one of our partners offering an exclusive
discount (as per example). This encouraged users to convert within the session and thus
increase the conversion rate for the partners –improving the relationship for both parties.

The Results:

Increased conversion rate:


Increased blogger performance


Recovered revenue from bloggers

Increased blogger engagement resulting in increased traffic

Increased publisher recruitment (influencers)

Increased knowledge of our site traffic


“Smarter Click have over the last 18 months continually
proven themselves to be able to improve our conversion
rates from various channels with continual innovative and
strategic ideas for our campaigns. We have seen constant
return from their campaigns and their client services
support is second to none.”

Dan Williams – Online Marketing Manager

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