How to Add Custom Code on Wix

1. Login to Wix:

2. Select your site to edit it:

Step 1 - Login

3. Select “Go to Editor” (if you are in ADI mode), which will then show this on the left side of the page:

(Warning: Once you save in editor, you cannot come back to edit your site in Wix ADI.)

Step 2 - Plugins, Add New

4. Click “Add” (+)“More”“HTML Code”:

Step 3 - Go to upload page

5. Double click inside the box to bring up “HTML Settings”:

(Hint: you could also click “Enter Code”)

Step 4 - Upload plugin

6. The custom code you recieved in an integration email…Step 5 - Activate plugin…should be entered in this box:

Step 5 - Activate plugin

8. Click “Update” to save your changes:

Step 6 - Click Smarter Tag

9. Lastly, click “Publish” to publish the site with the new changes:

Step 7 - Enter Tag ID

 Your Tag should now be live on your Site!