Smarter Click Tag Speed and Security Info

1. Speed

We have designed our Tag Manager system to run at extremely high speeds by using a multi-level caching delivery method. The tag script itself is just 34kb in size, and its data loaded is around 4 to 5kb

The Tag Manager is used to load in one of our services chosen by you. For example, if you wish to have 3 overlays on your website firing at different URL’s then the container tag will manage this.

Once an overlay is chosen by Tag Manager it loads the overlay script which contains around 50kb of Javascript and 15kb of data.

We are using Load Balanced Amazon AWS Elastic Beanstalk servers that use Auto-scaling to handle extra load should there ever be a need for it.

2. Security

We take security extremely seriously and apply industry best practices whenever possible. Any data that we store is Encrypted and Salted. Access to our systems is locked down with triple factor authentication and we use Canary Tokens as intrusion detection mechanisms for various locations on our systems.

3. Data Integrity

Our core business model does not hinge on the data we collect and therefore we only collect what is useful from a statistical perspective and what our clients request. For this reason alone you wish us to block recording of any statistical data we will happily accommodate.

FYI – We store the following for our statistics

  • User Agent
  • IP
  • Time on site
  • Overlay Engagement activity types
  • Email address if submitted by the user using an overlay or scraped by our Remail product

We could, conversely, write a system to export all the data to your servers via API. We would not have any access to that data.